Normally , the answer would be yes, of course, since that is what health insurance is for.

But, believe it or not,  the Texas Legislature has passed a law which penalizes those who are willing and able to purchase health insurance. If a person does not have health insurance, for example, a hospital bill of 10,000 will be submitted to the jury in the event of a trial as incurred medical expenses. But if a health insurance company paid 3,000 in complete settlement of the hospital lbill under an agreement, only the paid amount of 3,000 can be submitted to the jury. The effect is that a person with  no insurance has a more valuable claim than a person without insurance.

Therefore, payment of medical expenses is an important matter to discuss with your attorney prior to the  time that you receive care. Many times that is not possible, of course, such as when emergency care is needed. This is just one example of the reason you benefir from discussing your case with an attorney as soon as possible.